Carbon Credits Trading

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Carbon trading also known as carbon emissions trading is an innovative form of commodity trading that specifically targets the emission of green house gasses or carbon dioxide (calculated in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent or tCO2e) and it currently constitutes the bulk of carbon emissions trading markets worldwide.

Serengeti Synergy Limited Carbon is Serengeti Group’s carbon trading arm.  Its an innovative company dedicated to originating, developing and trading carbon credits from forestry and land use projects in Africa. Its strategy is to develop a portfolio of high quality projects which yield deliverable carbon credits while clearly demonstrating social and environmental benefits to stakeholders. Carbon credits from these projects will  contribute liquidity to the rapidly developing carbon markets in the world. Deforestation is one of the leading components of global greenhouse gas emissions,  by some estimates accounting for almost 20% of the total. The introduction of carbon finance to traditional forestry projects provides an exciting alternative to conventional agriculture, timber and commodity project models.

Economic revenue is assured while maintaining the ability of the forests to provide valuable
environmental services (carbon storage, climate regulation, biodiversity, etc) and retain the lifestyle and culture of its communities.