Environmental Impact Assessment

Experienced environmental impact assessment to ensure timely delivery of your approvals for your project.


Serengeti Global Synergy Limited provides environmental services to facilitate environmental impact assessment (EIA) and subsequent approvals.  The experienced environmental impact assessment team at Serengeti Global Synergy Limited can ensure the best approvals strategy is developed and executed to ensure timely delivery of your approvals for your project.
Community and stakeholder consultation is an integral part of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process and is a key aspect of the Serengeti Global Synergy Limited approach to conducting a successful and participative assessment and approvals process.  The EIA process includes:
•    Project Strategy planning
•    Environmental assessments – biological surveys (e.g. flora and fauna) and physical assessments (e.g. soil, water and air)
•    Environmental regulation and pollution prevention
•    Risk assessments, communication and facilitation
•    Impact assessment, impact avoidance, reduction and minimisation, mitigation – identification and implementation of offset strategies for critical assets
•    Workshop facilitation and information
•    Document authoring, GIS mapping, regulator liaison and approvals
•    Environmental management plans
•    Offsets management
•    Licence, works approval and ministerial condition compliance auditing
•    Peer review.
Experience has been gained by working together with a team of seasoned conservationists  both locally and internationally. Seregenti Global Synergy Limited have been involved in many state and federal environmental assessments and approvals on behalf of our clients, demonstrating experience in EIA from a regulatory perspective and providing advice for the assessment of environmental aspects of infrastructure projects. Our strategic alliances with other industry EIA heavyweights provides us with an influential network and a set of professional working relationships with both decision-making authorities and environmental professionals to ensure best practice environmental outcomes are achieved in a timely manner.