Water Distribution Networks

Automated water distributing systems for water network management


We offer specialized services in the field of water distribution works
starting from water locating, drilling of bore holes, pumping systems, networking of pipelines, automated water distributing systems and rain water harvesting systems.  With a comprehensive range of technologies and services, Serengeti Global Synergy Limited covers almost all activities related to water network management.

Serengeti Global Synergy Limited has vastly improved service performance through its many innovations:

Use of remote meter reading
Use of network asset management for diagnosing the deterioration of pipes in contact with chlorinated disinfectants
Installation of a leakage alert device that makes it possible to identify leaks in real time across the drinking water distribution network
Installation of a new generation of acoustic sensors
Use of eco-designed networks in the near future
Implementation of PREVOIR® (optimised network renovation and recovery plan) to allow communities to plan for pipe renovation